Zeo Productions: Live Event Production


Compact and Complete.

Line Arrays

  • al-8 compact elements
  • al-4 subcompact elements

Flying Subs

  • al-8SB flyable subwoofer system
  • al-4SB flying subwoofer system

Systems Engines

  • V6-d 6-output amplifier with DSP
  • V4-d 4-output amplifier with DSP


Easy assembly and ready-to-go library presets.


Hang a custom configuration for any size event.


System optimized amplification and networked DSP technology.


Beat your business peaks with great rates on day-rate, short-term, or long-term line array cross-rentals.

Day-Rate Rentals

VUE line array systems are available for day-rate cross-rentals. Perfect for one-off concerts, festivals, and other indoor or outdoor events.


Short-Term Rentals

Cross-rent VUE line array systems on a short-term basis to cover your bookings or augment your in-house system.


Long-Term Rentals

Cross-rent VUE line array systems on a long-term basis for sensible rates.


NOTE: Cross-rental of any tour-grade equipment may have special requirements or limitations. This includes, but is not limited to, provision of a valid Certificate of Insurance.

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