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Sound Equipment

Zeo Audio System in an Arena Zeo Productions prides itself in industry standard quality, and well maintained audio gear.

On the cutting edge of sound reinforcement technology, Zeo is constantly updating its inventory of sound equipment with the most desired components.

VUE Line Array Systems

FOH Speaker Systems

Audiotechnik VUE Line Array (al-8, al-4)
Electro-Voice X-Line Line Array (Xvls, Xvlt)
Electro-Voice Xlvc Line Array (XLD281)
Electro-Voice XLC127+ Line Array
Electro-Voice X-Array (XN, XF, XB)
Electro-Voice Deltamax 1152
Electro-Voice XI-1122A (compact 12" bi-amped)
Audiotechnik VUE Flying Subwoofer (al-8SB, al-4SB)
Electro-Voice XI-2181 Subwoofer
Electro-Voice QRX-218S Subwoofer
Zeo Custom MSE (Tri-Amped)
Zeo Custom MSE Subwoofer
XLC Loudspeaker Line Array System

Large Format Mixing Consoles

Yamaha CL5 (digital, 72 channels)
Avid-Digidesign Venue SC-48 (digital, 48 channels)
Yamaha M7-CL (digital, 48 channels)
Yamaha PM5D-RH (digital, 48 channels)
Midas PRO2C (digital, 48 channels)
Yamaha LS9-32 (digital, 32 channels)
Midas Verona-48TP (48 channels)
Allen & Heath ML3000TP (48 channels)
Allen & Heath GL2400 (32 channels)
Allen & Heath GL2200 (24 channels)
Allen & Heath Mixwizard (16 mono channels)
Yamaha CL5 Digital Audio Console Avid-Digidesign Venue SC-48 Digital Audio Console


Electro-Voice Xw-12A (12" 300w)
Electro-Voice Sx250 (15" 400w)
Zeo Custom 15" + 2" (Bi-Amped)
Zeo Custom 2x12" + 2" (Bi-Amped)
Electro-Voice Xw-12A Floor Monitor

Packaged Systems

  • 24 Inputs
  • Single Console
  • 4 Full-Range Monitor Mixes
  • 24 Inputs
  • Dual Console
  • 6 Full-Range Monitor Mixes
  • 40 Inputs
  • Dual Console
  • 8 Bi-Amped Monitor Mixes
  • 48 Inputs
  • Dual Console
  • 8 (or more) Bi-Amped Monitor Mixes
  • 48 Inputs
  • Dual Console
  • 16 (or more) Bi-Amped Monitor Mixes
Monitor World with Rebecca St James Mixing Console at Holicong Middle School

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Audio Products in Action

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